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Category «Electronic Components & Supplies»Page 1 from 67

NX5032GA NX5032GB 5032 2 feet 5*3.2 8m 8MHZ 8.000MHZ passive

Price: 14 USD

Passive c tiles 5032 * 3.2 17.7344MHZ 17.734MHZ resonator 2 feet

Price: 13.12 USD

CD4511BM CD4511 SOP-16 integrated circuit

Price: 0.28 USD

OZ9966GN integrated circuit

Price: 1.27 USD

Active SMD Crystal OSC 5x7 5070 SMD 32.768K 32.768KHZ Low Frequency Original 3.3v

Price: 11.53 USD

SIM card good six foot clamshell mobile communications quality deck 6P SIM card slot

Price: 14 USD

CS902-A-G CS902-A-R CS902 integrated circuit

Price: 2.15 USD

Farah capacit 3.3V0.22F 0.22F 3.3V super capacitor S3R3224 import original DMS3R3224

Price: 15 USD

P621 Optocoupler P621GB TLP621-1 TLP621-1GB Optocoupler DIP-4

Price: 11.33 USD

XPT9910 integrated circuit

Price: 0.49 USD

Fast Free Ship Normal Temperature Precision 0.5PPM VCTCXO 10.230MHZ Temperature-compensation Crystal Oscillator

Price: 16.6 USD

Fast Free Ship High precision temperature-compensation crystal oscillator TCXO 12MHz 0.1ppm Gold-plated crystal oscillator

Price: 16.89 USD

Junction Box Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Box for KNC,KNE,KSY Sensor Accessories

Price: 19 USD

PAL007A PAL007B PAL007C audio amplifier IC (Choose one, please leave a message)

Price: 1.54 USD

DG301 TO-220 integrated circuit

Price: 3.01 USD